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2013 NCAA Season Release)

Handicapping Version 2013 

PRICE - $119.95 $79.95 (Software & Daily data downloads for the Season)
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expert handicapping software Installs on the "C" drive for ease of use for Vista / Windows-7 / XP operating systems.

expert handicapping software
expert hadnicapping software
expert handicapping software

The College Football Handicapping Software 2013, a football prediction software, is available for Downloading, and included will be Data Downloads (yearly schedules and statistics) for the entire season, including Bowl games.The HANDICAPPING Software can be downloaded, along with product (software) key by selecting the "BUY" button to purchase and download.

VERSION 2013 - See - *PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS BELOW - This is a revamped program with cosmetic and functional changes.

FREE DEMO DOWNLOAD LINK -expert football perdication software download

Make you own expert college football picks with this excellent football prediction software $119.95 $79.95 - order now! expert football handicapping softwareexpert football handicapping software Shoppingexpert football handicapping software

(It is recommended to build a yearly (2012) database to make more accurate Sports Judge's selections, usually starting the 3rd, 4th or 5th week of season, but you can use it as an offensive - defensive handicapping tool until then)

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*Product Highlights for the 2013 Sports Judge NFL and CFB Systems

  • Odds, predictions and results for all games are displayed on a single output screen for a week. College Football Handicapping Software has attributes like single click to print and single click export to Excel.
  • Free demo access to all games product features till the 3rd week of a regular season.
  • New data update information with single click download option.
  • Automatic download of software updates. Users needn't to re-install as new software is available.
  • The availability of two categories namely statistical and situational makes the users to adjust the weighting points up to 28. If any changes are made, weighting points are mechanically reflected. An in-built A.I. learning system supports in determining the most successful statistical weighting points and analyzing past games.
  • It shows the percentage of successful wagers on historical games after the quick evaluation of O/U predictions and spread.
  • Users have facility to utilize pre-stored schemes or compose, save and load schemes consisting statistical weighting points.
  • Users can determine the best schemes to utilize for future games after the automatic test of schemes on historical games.
  • Users can have predictions based on the complete current season, the last 3, 6 or 10 weeks of the current season or utilize last year's statics.
  • Users have ability to adjust 'point thresholds' for O/U betting and spread.
  • 3 years of historical NFL games and stats.


  expert football handicapping software PRICE - $119.95 $79.95 (Software & yearly data downloads) ORDER BELOW  (AVAILABLE NOW)
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collge football handicappingcollge football handicappingcollege football handicapping

college football handicapping

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PDS Sports Judge: Competitive College Football Handicapping Software

PDS Sports Judge is currently considered as the best provider of College Football Handicapping Software. With the brand’s unique, innovative, and reliable algorithm system which is presently the most competitive approach in handicapping available in the market, the software from PDS Sports has been enjoyed by a considerable number of game betting enthusiasts. If you do not have this software just yet, it is not too late. It can still be purchased through online shopping domains.
PDS Sports is deemed as the leading handicapping software developers nowadays. With its functional features, affordability, and exhaustive betting aid, it is truly the best ally for game betting aficionados. Here are some of the most noteworthy advantages you will get upon opting for a PDS Sports Judge Software.
Data Downloads- PDS Software is a one-time investment that will provide you with yearly downloads. These downloads will be in the form of team statistics as well as league schedules. The information you are to receive from these downloads are quite necessary for they are the exact things you need in order to come up with accurate game predictions or assumptions. No additional fee will be required for these updates hence there is no need to worry about add-on costs and expenses.
Selections- This function gives you the opportunity to weigh an array of possible betting directions or decisions. These betting options are generated through considerations of essential team and game statistics hence they are the best choices you can possibly make. Through this function, it will be easier for you to determine as to which way to go in order to reap considerable betting rewards.
Power Ratings- Through this software feature, you are allowed to get an access to the current power ratings of each team. This is crucial for you to get a grasp as to the present standing of teams. Knowing the real-time statistics of teams will let you determine exactly which ones merit your bet, or which matches offer the best betting value. It is important to note that in every betting decision you would make, value should be on top of your consideration. If a particular betting option does not offer a considerable value, then it is most recommended to entertain other betting possibilities.
Defensive and Offensive Ratings- Knowing these data will make you more knowledgeable when it comes to the more technical aspects of the game. Having enough background with regards to defensive and offensive rating of teams will help you ascertain a team’s odds of winning once pitted against a particular team. Comparing teams’ defensive and offensive rating is one of the most reliable means of calculating which ones are set to win and which ones are destined for a frustrating game ending.
The aforementioned functions and features are just some of the many offers of PDS Software for College Football. Aside from these mentioned items, the brand has so much more to offer. It is user-friendly and affordable enough hence it is something even a regular betting enthusiast could maximize. If you are serious when it comes to your game betting activity, then PDS Software is definitely something you must equip yourself with.

PRICE - $119.95 $79.95 (Software & yearly data downloads) Coupon holders enter code in shopping cart    

college football handicapping softwarecollege football handicappingcollege football handicapping software

expert college football handicapping Injuries are NOT allowed for in the handicapping algorithm,
    so you will have to make the final decision whether or not to play a selection.

      college football handicapping GOOD LUCK, PDS SPORTS JUDGE   

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*PDS Sports is NOT a gambling Website and isn't responsible for misentered values or improperly reported statistics.

PDS Sports - 503 Brentwood Avenue - Tilton, IL 61833 - (224) 366-1159 (New Number) - EMAIL US

expert football handicapping software expert college football expert college football college football handicapping software