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After deep analysis, the Sports Judge has emerged as one of the best sports handicapping services that have developed Handicapping Software Tools and Sports Betting Systems in order to assist you in determining best sports handicapping picks at time when lines on sporting events are “inefficient”. Ever since PDS Sports has founded, the company has deeply analyzed thousands of games including Pro Football, College Football, Pro Basketball, College Basketball, Pro hockey, Pro Baseball. Roger Mott founded this company in 1982, since then, the company is carrying on the tradition of utilizing the PDS Sports handicapping Software, and looking forward to make improvements with every passing years.

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The PDS Sports Judge produces the best sports handicapping picks as the founder realized early in the development stages that only using Raw Historical Team Statistics is not good enough to determine if the current wagering lines are “efficient” or “inefficient”. But, by using each team’s Raw Historical Team Statistics alone and not the team’s Strength of Schedule, would generate false anticipated results. We believe that using Raw Historical Team Statistics alone might make Team X look stronger in a match up against Team Y, but in reality Team Y is much better than Team X.

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The best part of our software systems is setting “floating benchmarks” automatically. These floating benchmarks are automatically adjusted by our software systems at every point in the current season in order to reflect each team’s Strength of Schedule.
For instance, if Team X has played a much easier schedule and Team Y has played a much tougher schedule season to date. This leads to the development of extremely complicated Handicapping Algorithms that sometimes used in an online casino that put up floating benchmarks or each team’s Historical Statistics to be measured against. And the final result that comes out is you will be comparing things that can reasonably be compared and not that are unreasonable or impossible for the best sports selections.  

New approach towards making right decisions

PDS Sport judge strongly believe that with the two most effective ways to approach the making of the decision about wagering on a sporting event i.e. wrong way and right way. If the decision is taken on any emotions and hunches, it means, the decision is taken in the wrong way. And even, if the decision making involved feeling for how efficient or inefficient the line is, it is definitely the wrong way.

We believe that with the help of proper and right type of handicapping software tools, tremendous sports betting systems and some right sense to judge, it is not hard to exceed the magic 52.8% win percentage to break even at time of wagering with 10 cent line.

Rely on PDS Sports judge: The most consistent source of handicapping software tools

We offer reliable handicapping tool software for those who have some interest into sports event betting. This effective software is something that you should be equipped with, although there are many people who regard a betting attempt as nothing but sheer game of chance or luck. Behind this, there is incredible science that goes well into it. And all bettors should take some advantage of it.

Basically, betting odds represent the betting enthusiast’s perception of value, but not the actual value. By applying this science-based projection and concepts into it, the players can substantially improve their odds of winning in every type of betting games. This needs deep observation and close decision making. Our effective Sports betting systems pinpoint and exploit pricing opportunities created by the irrationality of the sports betting enthusiasts and the need for sports books to balance their risk exposure.

These days, there are many applications or softwares that cater improvement in odds of winning in all types of gaming. PDS Sport Judge is one of the most remarkable products that play major role in the betting software industry. We are consistently providing our clients with the most competitive and functional betting tools and softwares. The priority of our company is the development and formation of functional Software Handicapping tools that assists both professional and non-professional bettors in determining whether a particular sporting event line is inefficient or otherwise. This way, the risk of losing is considerably minimized, while, the opportunity to reap substantial rewards is possible on the cards.

The company has created various handicapping tools that tailor for some of the most popular sports events among betting enthusiast including Pro Football, College Football, Pro Basketball, College Basketball, Pro hockey leagues, Pro Baseball. With careful study and years of study of these game's history of the particular aspects and factors that directly affect the results in these types of betting games. PDS Sport judge has derived and utilized all the means to proficiently design the most reliable betting tools. At present, the products that are being offered by the company are some of the most preferred betting tools in the market.

Though, there are many Sports handicapping sites that provide betting tools but none of the sites have extensive knowledge and background that PDS Sports Judge has when sporting events and betting is concerned. Through the extensive knowledge and years experience in the field of sports and betting, our founder were able to summarize all the nitty-gritty for a working betting tool, and turned these into legitimate betting software.

Unfortunately, in 2007, we lost our genius sporting master, Roger Mott, but the show must go on. His colleagues meticulously and unswervingly put their best efforts to continue offering PDS Sport judge products to the clients, and in addition, made important innovations to the company's offers to its loyal customers.

What company believes that, one of the most efficient concepts applied by them to their betting tool is not to use Raw Historical Team Statistics as to determine game results, even though, it is quite necessary that Raw Historical Team Statistics should not be sufficient when it comes to the creation of functional betting tools and software. However, independently relying on this type of team statistics can only bring forth and reliable or false assumed game conclusion.

Our Baseball handicapping software

PDS Sport Judge understands the importance of baseball betting software since it plays very vital role in the betting strategy. Whether it's a program that you created yourself or the one you bought from a service, they can go long way in processing a lot of important information in a very short period of time. For the beginners, our software is probably the best as there is probably not a lot of +EV in doing this but it is a good start so you can actually determine how it can supplement your handicapping.

How to make good baseball betting software?

It is quite obvious; anything that boosts your ROI on per season basis would make pretty good baseball betting software. Obviously, accuracy is going to be very significant and the software uses to evaluate trends, statistics, teams, etc. should be precise and up to date. One mistake can ruin all, but we make sure that with our software and services, you will get the right results and avoid facing losses. With this type of software, there is one significant thing that you need to keep in mind that is precise and accurate.

There are many types of software that we offer to our clients. To view all softwares, you need to go through all the web pages of this site and get enough information about the sport betting softwares, these softwares including, baseball betting software, football handicapping software, and baseball betting software etc. that we offer our clients according to their needs.

PDS Sports Judge products are must-have tools for betting enthusiasts. It is not a good idea to be relying on one's own ideas and conceptions regarding sporting games, if a successful betting is a desired conclusion. Our products ensure wins and reduces loses for betting enthusiasts. And last but not the least, we make sure that we meet the expectations of our clients and satisfy our client completely. Big thanks to you for visiting our website and we appreciate your patience, and hope you continue to support our product positively.


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LEARNS day to day, week to week, month to month and season to season. All our new releases of  Handicapping Software Systems use our proprietary form of Artificial Intelligence called the LEARNING MODULE. The software automatically makes adjustments to the Handicapping Algorithms based on what it has learned from handicapping games. The following statistics are used by the Learning Module in adjusting the Handicapping Algorithms.

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