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The Sports Judge has spent the last 30 years developing Handicapping Software Tools, and Sports Betting Systems to assist you in determining when Lines on sporting events are "Inefficient". PDS Sports has analyzed thousands of Pro Football ,College Football , Pro Basketball , College Basketball , Pro Baseball and Pro Hockey games since the company was founded in 1982. The developer, Roger Mott, had an untimely death in November of 2007. We plan on carrying on the tradition of utilizing the PDS software, and hopefully make improvements. We appreciate your patience, and hope you continue to support our product. The Sports Judge, to generate the best sports picks, realized very early in the development stages that using Raw Historical Team Statistics was not going to be good enough to determine if the current Wagering Lines are "Efficient" or "Inefficient". He realized that using each Team's Raw Historical Statistics alone, not taking into consideration each Team's Strength Of Schedule, would produce false anticipated results. He understood that using Raw Historical Statistics alone might make Team A look great in a match up against Team B when in reality Team B is a much better Team. Team A had played a much easier schedule and Team B had played a much tougher schedule season to date. This realization led him to the development of extremely complicated Handicapping Algorithms, sometimes used in an online casino , that build "Floating Benchmarks"for each Team's Historical Statistics to be measured against. These "Floating Benchmarks" are automatically adjusted by our software systems at every point in the current season to reflect each Team's Strength Of Schedule. The end result is that you are comparing "Apples & Apples" and not "Apples & Oranges" for the best sports selections.

From the beginning The Sports Judge, to generate the best sports picks, has realized that there are only two ways to approach the making of a decision about wagering on a sporting event, the "Wrong Way" and the "Right Way". He strongly feels that if there are any "Emotions" or "Hunches" involved in that decision it is definitely the "Wrong Way". He also strongly feels that if you don't have a good feel for how "Efficient" or "Inefficient" the Line is, it is definitely the "Wrong Way".

We as PDS Sports have found that is not that difficult to exceed the magic 52.8% Win Percentage needed to break even when wagering with a 10 cent Line. All you need is the proper Handicapping SoftwareTools, excellent Sports Betting Systems and the some good old Common Sense.

PDS Sports Judge: The Most Reliable Source of Handicapping Tool Software

If you are into sports event betting, reliable handicapping tool software is something you should definitely be equipped with. Although most people regard a betting endeavor as nothing more than a game of chance or luck, there is actually a credible science that goes into it and this is something all betting enthusiasts should take advantage. By putting these science-based projections and concepts, in relation to betting, players can substantially improve their odds of winning in all types of betting games. Nowadays, there are various applications or software that caters to this purpose. One of the most noteworthy of these products is the PDS Sports Judge.
PDS Sports Judge has been a major player in the betting software industry for 30 years now. Founded back in 1982, PDS Sports Judge has consistently provided their clients with the most competitive and functional betting tools. The brand’s main priority is the development and creation of functional Software Handicapping Tools that aids both professional game betters and hobbyists in ascertaining whether a specific sporting event line is inefficient or otherwise. Through this, the risk of losing is considerable minimized, whereas, the opportunity to reap substantial rewards is made possible.
PDS Sports Judge has created several handicapping tools tailored fit for some of the most popular sports events among betting aficionados. These include Pro Football, Pro Basketball, Pro Baseball, College Football, College Basketball, and Pro Hockey leagues. Through careful study of these games’ history, as well as painstaking perusal of the specific aspects and factors that directly affect the results in these games, the company has derived and utilized all the means to efficiently design the most trustworthy betting tools. Presently, the products offered by PDS Sports Judge are some of the most sought-after betting tools in the market.
Roger Mott, a sporting guru who has an extensive knowledge and background when it comes to sporting events and betting, is the founder and developer of PDS Sports Judge. Through his experience in the field of sports and betting, he was able to encapsulate all the essentials for a working betting tool, and turned these into legitimate betting aids or software. During his death back in 2007, Roger Mott’s colleagues had painstakingly and unwaveringly done their best to continue offering PDS Sports Judge products, and moreover, make important innovations to the company’s offers to its loyal customers.
One of the most efficient concepts applied by PDS Sports Judge to their betting tools is quite simple. The company believes that it is not enough to merely use Raw Historical Team Statistics in order to determine game results. Although it is quite necessary, Raw Historical Team Statistics do not and should not suffice when it comes to the creation of functional betting tools and software. Solely relying to this type of team statistics can only bring forth unreliable, or worst, false assumed game outcome. Approximating whether wagering lines are efficient or otherwise should also take in consideration the Team’s Strength of Schedule for it to have utmost dependability. Now what exactly is meant by Team’s Strength of Schedule?
Team’s Strength of Schedule is not exactly rocket science. It simply refers to the kind of game season a particular team has played in relation to the number and extent of demands inherent to this game season. By solely using team’s statistics, the kind of result that can be produced when it comes to anticipated game endings is not entirely credible since not all sport teams go through the same kind of season, at least in terms of level of difficulty. While one team can have the most taxing season schedule, another may be gifted with a relatively easier one. This means that comparing two teams primarily on the basis of their game statistics, once pitted against each other, would not cover all the game factors that come into play.
PDS Sports Judge boasts of complex Handicapping Algorithms that is capable of creating so called “Floating Benchmarks” which is then used to properly measure team’s historical statistics against each other. Furthermore, these “Floating Benchmarks” are consistently altered, at various points in a game season and in consideration of a Team’s Strength of Schedule during that particular game season. This would then breed the kind of game result assumption that compares teams on the basis of core strength as opposed to relative advantages.
Aside from the aforementioned advanced and innovative Handicapping Algorithms, products from PDS Sports Judge products are also anchored on basic or primal idea; that there are only two major types of betting efforts, the right or the wrong way. The wrong way is a decision that relies heavily on hunches or emotions as opposed to reliable studies or facts. Also, the wrong way is characterized by blurred distinction between inefficient and efficient wagering lines. Obviously, a serious game betting aficionado should not make the mistake of going the “wrong way”.
On the other hand, the right way is the kind of betting that knows exactly what to ask or look for. There are various ways to make this kind of betting decision. These include prioritizing games with obvious value, having the patience to wait for the right time to make a wager, knowing all the right reasons why one should take on a game, employing reliable benchmarks such as those offered by PDS Sports Judge, comparing teams based on core potentials as opposed to arbitrary advantages, not taking into account unreliable emotions or hunches, being equipped with thorough knowledge regarding match ups, and not wagering an amount that is way more than what one can afford. By following these simple guidelines, among others, betting enthusiasts can surely reap the kind of rewards they have always aspired for.
PDS Sports Judge products are must-have tools for people who are serious about their betting endeavors. It is not enough to simply rely on one’s own ideas and conceptions regarding sporting games if successful betting is the desired outcome. These PDS products are offers betting enthusiasts can definitely maximize when it comes to ensuring wins and minimizing loses.


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LEARNS day to day, week to week, month to month and season to season. All our new releases of  Handicapping Software Systems use our proprietary form of Artificial Intelligence called the LEARNING MODULE. The software automatically makes adjustments to the Handicapping Algorithms based on what it has learned from handicapping games. The following statistics are used by the Learning Module in adjusting the Handicapping Algorithms.


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Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of 11 players on a roughly circular field, at the centre of which is a rectangular 22-yard long pitch. Each team takes it in turn to bat, in which they attempt to accumulate as many runs as possible, while the other team fields, attempting to prevent the batting team scoring runs. Cricket betting is very popular in England, and other European countries.

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