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PDS Sports is a leading online industry that provides top-notch handicapping and betting software for basketball and football. We promise to give you a winner's edge by analyzing all the games from each possible angle so that you may predict the best possible outcome. The features of our software doesn't end here, our software and services offers you an instant and easy access to the latest statistics, odds and scores.

We have been the first choice of recreational and professional handicappers along with radio and TV analyst, coaches, scouts and former athletes. All the users and fans of our service love our website and most probably you will too. Thereby, we invite you to join the mass of satisfied PDS Sports customers to feel the experience of victory.

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World Class Prediction Services: Don't wager while picking and choosing sports handicapping software, rely on a proven winner. If you are one of those sport lovers who like statistics and trend data, you would surely love PDS Sports. If you are addicted to gamble basketball and football games, our services and software could be one of the best investment you have ever made.

College Football Picks: Give a final stop to your constant search of finding out the premiere sport picks of well-liked football leagues since we offer you the best featured football picks that come with three main characteristics like Computerized games simulations, Statistical & trend analysis and Professional sports handicapping.

College Basketball Picks: We facilitate you to take the thrill and zeal of college basketball picks in your hand. Using this service, you will not only experience the real excitement of basket ball but also have the complete control over making teams, scheduling the sport and coaching team players along with taking your team towards victory.

Pro Football Picks: Avail the service of pro Football pick from PDS Sports and experience an easy and sure access to enter the game while analyzing the current spreads. The service not only helps you in making your prediction but also enables you to have a complete control over creating and guiding a team to make a triumph. When you place or alter your bet, you will realize that the service is quite higher in speed with its easy to navigate features.

Pro Basketball Picks: PDS Sports is providing Pro Basketball Picks that enables you analyze trends and statistics. This user friendly interface is available with higher percentage of winners that enables you to forecast before placing a bet.

Sports Betting Systems: The Sports Betting Systems of PDS Sports are well liked service among all sport lovers. The system enables you to coin as much money as you can since there is a rare chance of falling flat or getting loss. You can win 3 – 4 bet out of 5 because of the following features of our service. The sports betting system is very convenient and easy to use with its high speed features that gives you complete control over the game and team members.

Some Common Features of Sports Handicapping Service:

  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to install
  • User Friendly
  • Very Convenient
  • High Speed
  • Ease to use
  • Gives complete control over the game
  • Support in coining money by winning the bet

World Class Prediction Software: An overview about the fruitful features of our software that can easily be downloaded from www.pdssports.com All the software of our company is easy to download and easy to use with its simple interface features. Just make a small online payment and start installing this high quality sports handicapping tools that makes you free from the hassle of re-installment of new software with regular or yearly data updates.

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PDS Sports - An Ultimate Source of Sports Handicapping Picks and Software: Going through the profound analysis, PDS Sports Judge has emerged as the top most sports handicapping services in the whole world. The company has developed world class Software Tools and Sports Betting Systems so as to stand by you in making up your mind to pick on the best sports handicapping picks. Since the PDS Sports has stepped into this industry, has profoundly analyzed millions of games including College Football, Pro Football, Pro Basketball, Pro hockey, College Basketball, Pro Baseball. We have been carrying the tradition of utilizing PDS Sports handicapping Software like Football handicapping software, Baseball Handicapping Software, as well as looking forward to improve these all with each passing years since the company was founded in 1982 by Roger Mott.

Knowledge & Experience That We Carry: Though, there are numerous sports handicapping sites but none of those sites have more reliable background and extensive cognition comparatively PDS Sports Judge. With the deep and extensive knowledge paired with years of experience in sports prediction field, the founder could summarize all the nitty-gritty for a functional betting tool and were able to turn these into legitimate gambling software.

Obviously, anything that boosts your ROI (Return on Investment) on sports betting per season is pretty good. Thus; accuracy of the betting software is a significant factor to evaluate trends, teams and statistics. A small fault can ruin all; therefore we make sure that using our precise and accurate software, you would get the right outcome and stay away from facing losses.

Advance Approach for Making Right Decision: There are diverse types of software and services that we offer to our potential clients. If you want to view all those, you must go through all the pages of this website. Have a bird's eye view on the web pages and get enough idea about the Sports Software Tools and Sports Betting Systems. PDS Sports software and services are must-have tools for gambling enthusiasts. It is not an intelligent idea to count on one's own conceptions regarding sports games when a winning betting is a desired conclusion. Use our sports handicapping tools and experience a profitable gambling with a minor chance of loss.

Gratitude: Big thanks to all of you for sparing a time from your busy schedule to visit our website and going through the details. We heartily appreciate your patience and look forward to your future support towards our product positively.


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LEARNS day to day, week to week, month to month and season to season. All our new releases of  Handicapping Software Systems use our proprietary form of Artificial Intelligence called the LEARNING MODULE. The software automatically makes adjustments to the Handicapping Algorithms based on what it has learned from handicapping games. The following statistics are used by the Learning Module in adjusting the Handicapping Algorithms.

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